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PAGE was founded by paginators who saw the need for an accrediting body. Specifically, over the last twenty years, we’ve seen the pagination sector grow from virtual non-existence to a dynamic and skilful industry. Medical experts and legal teams alike depend on the specialist skill and knowledge that is often only found by instructing an experienced pagination firm. Poor quality pagination leads to delays, higher incurred costs and even mistakes in judgement. An experienced pagination firm will ensure that costs are reasonable whilst increasing the likelihood that the client succeeds in achieving justice.

Despite the importance of this service, there is no traditional training route to becoming a professional paginator. Pagination methods and procedures created by newly established firms are sometimes haphazard and often influenced by the idiosyncratic preferences of the instructing solicitor rather than by best practice. Today there exists several dozen of pagination firms offering varying levels of service for a wide range of prices, making it difficult for legal firms to know which firm to instruct. PAGE makes that decision easier for solicitors by offering a vetting system that demands certain requirements and standards. Likewise, PAGE members benefit from the guidance and support that is offered to them as a member, ensuring that service in the pagination industry is working at its best.

The accreditation group is open to all UK pagination companies, subject to a set of predefined criteria that will be assessed by a panel of experts.

Meet Our Members

Adèle Coates-Lyon


Despite suffering disabling injuries, including catastrophic head injuries in a car accident in 1998 which left her unable to even walk or talk, let alone read or write, Adèle Coates-Lyon, Human Biology (BSc) worked hard to regain her language and literacy skills and has gone on to gain more than 20 years’ experience in the preparation of medical records for clinical negligence, personal injury, military and industrial disease claims.

Adèle worked on the MMR litigation until the Legal Aid was withdrawn in 2003. After having gained a further two years of experience working with law firms, collating medical records bundles, in 2005 Adèle established Medical Records UK. In 2007 she was offered the responsibility of being solely responsible for preparing the medical record bundles for the Atomic Veterans Litigation. In 2012 Medical Records UK was incorporated it into a Limited Company – MedRex Limited.

Adèle is delighted about the opportunity to share knowledge with and benefit from the intellectual support of other bonafide pagination companies in order to raise the profile of this important phase of any claim and to tackle issues such as Fixed Fees and Best Practice as an association.

Sally Gordon


Sally qualified as a Registered Nurse in 1986 and worked at South Manchester University Hospital in their specialist Cardiac Centre for 21 years. Sally enjoyed the challenges of working within a multidisciplinary team, caring for very sick patients and their families. She gained valuable experience including contributing to clinical decision making and teaching junior doctors and nurses.

In 1998 Sally began collating medical records and in 2007, she finished clinical practice to focus solely on providing an expert medical record collation service. She built up a specialist team of Nurses, Midwives and other Healthcare Professionals and in 2008 she established MRC. Sally believes her wealth of clinical expertise has proved critical in helping MRC to build a nationwide reputation for delivering a fast, reliable and high quality service.

Having worked in the industry through times of key changes Sally remains committed to not only providing an outstanding service but also to helping to achieve the best outcome for the injured client. Being a founder member of PAGE is an exciting extension to this. As busy out of work as in it Sally loves to spend time with family and friends. She enjoys tennis, cycling, walking, books, films, theatre, travel and food (cooking and eating!).

Cheryl Luscombe

Secretary &
Data Compliance Officer

Cheryl originates from the USA, but she has been firmly entrenched in the UK since 1999 when she started her first legal outsourcing business. Although she had known and worked with Medical Clerical Bureau Ltd for several years, she officially joined the company in 2011, and today is Managing Director. She surrounds herself with a highly effective team of nurses, midwives and other specialists who offer a variety of services to hundreds of solicitors throughout the UK as well as to care providers in the NHS. They are all passionate about serving their clients well, but they are equally driven by the desire to ensure that the NHS and all healthcare in the UK remains world class. Being a founding member of PAGE is surely an important step in that direction. Cheryl is delighted to be acting as Membership Secretary and looks forward to growing the group with equally dedicated professionals.

Interesting fact: Cheryl met her husband in Japan where they settled for a few years before moving to the Middle East and then eventually setting in Plymouth. Cheryl became proficient in Japanese and Arabic, however she’s still working on perfecting her Plymouth accent.

Geoff Silva

Committee Member

Geoff completed his Law Finals in 1993 and commenced his Training Contract with niche clinical negligence firm Evill and Coleman in February 1994. Post qualification he was assistant to the Head of Clinical negligence, Terry Lee, and then ran his own caseload. He became Salaried Partner at Evill and Coleman before leaving to head up Clinical negligence at Colemans CTTS. After a short period he left to set up a Clinical negligence department at a PI firm, Howe and Co. Whilst there he settled a birth injury claim for just over £10 million. He ran a wide variety of claims at this time.

In June 2006 Geoff left practice to set up his first medical records collation business. He has a team of Doctors, midwives, nurses and dentists in addition to Solicitors who have worked as Claimant and Defendants.

With over 20 years experience within clinical negligence Geoff and his team assist Solicitors across England and Wales. His team assists in individual claims in addition to Group Actions such as the DePuy Hip litigation and Rob Jones claims, instructed by Claimants and Defendants.

Caroline Packer

Committee Member &
Social Media Administrator

Caroline is the Managing Director of DMR Collation Ltd and qualified as a Personal Injury Lawyer in 2002.  Whilst still a practising lawyer, she spent the majority of her legal career working for Thompsons LLP holding team leader positions. Caroline has also worked for firms such as Bevan Ashfords, Dunn & Baker and Harris Fowler. In 2010 she started DMR Collation Ltd, a pagination firm who have been highly commended for the work they do in this sector.  DMR Collation became an accredited member of PAGE in 2021.

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